If you think that one information should appear on this site, then you have two main ways to achieve it.

The human way (slow publication option, may take days)

Just send your information to daniel@satlive.org

The hacker way (fast publication option, may take hours)

The new SAT Live! is built using Jeckyll. All the posts are written using a specific markdown format which is then transformed into HTML. All the content of the website is stored on a git repository.

The proper way to submit a new “post” to SAT Live! is thus to:

Regular contributors will get write access to the git repository to facilitate the integration of their information.

Submitting a news is as simple as providing the following metadata:

layout: post
title: <your title>
author: <your name>
tags: <space separated among CFP, PostDoc, PhD, Position, Grants, QBF
excerpt: <a one or two sentences describing your info>
link: <an optional link to get more information>

together with the text of the news, in markdown format.

Make sure that:

  • “sections” are second level (using the ## prefix
  • lists are properly formatted (start with * or + or -)

In order to have a deadline appearing on the “Upcoming deadline” box, some specific metadata are needed:

  • The CFP tag must be part of the list of tags
  • The extra shorttitle and deadline must be set
  • The link attribute must be set

Here is for instance a way to announce the upcoming SAT conference

layout: post
title: "18th Int. Conf. on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing"
shorttitle: SAT'15
author: "Sean Weaver"
tags: CFP
excerpt: "The next SAT conference is taking place in Austin. Check the submission deadline now!"
link: http://www.cs.utexas.edu/~marijn/sat15/
deadline: 2015-04-29