The 25th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming

Stamford, CT, U.S. September 30 to October 4, 2019

This is the 25th edition of the annual conference on all aspects of computing with constraints, including theory, algorithms, environments, languages, models, systems, and applications such as decision making, resource allocation, scheduling, configuration, and planning. The Association for Constraint Programming has a list of previous conferences in this series.

The CP 2019 program will include presentations of high-quality scientific papers on constraints technology. In addition to the main conference program, CP 2019 will feature 6 thematic tracks covering emerging topics in computation: - Application Track - Computational Sustainability - CP and Life Sciences - CP, Data Science and Machine Learning - Multi-agent and Parallel CP - Testing and Verification

Associated with the conference is a one-day slate of workshops on Monday, September 30th: - Eighteenth International Workshop on Constraint Modelling and Reformulation (ModRef 2019) - Third Workshop on Progress Towards the Holy Grail (PTHG-19) - Workshop on Constraint Solving and Special Purpose Hardware Architectures

A number of invited talks on important topics relevant to the field will also be presented. Beyond the usual workshop, tutorial and doctoral programs, we invite authors of published papers with important results that have recently appeared in journals or sister conferences to submit an abstract. Authors of the best papers will also be invited to submit to associated journals for accelerated journal publication.


The registration costs are as follows:

  • Non-student Academic / Industry $700 (late $850)
  • Student $400 (late $550)
  • Workshop only $100 (late $250)

The early registration deadline is September 7, 2019.


Conference Chair - David Bergman, University of Connecticut, United States

Assistant Conference Chair - Andre Cire, University of Toronto, Canada

Program Chairs - Simon de Givry, INRA, Toulouse, France - Thomas Schiex, INRA, Toulouse, France

Publicity Chair - Charlotte Truchet, University of Nantes, France

Local Chairs - Ugochukwu Etudo, University of Connecticut, United States - Tamilla Triantoro, Quinnipiac University, United States - Niam Yaraghi, University of Connecticut, United States

Website Chairs - Mohsen Emadikhiav, University of Connecticut, United States - Teng Huang, University of Connecticut, United States

Sponsorship Chairs - Saharnaz Mehrani, University of Connecticut, United States - Arvind Raghunathan, Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab, United States