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  • Jun 6, 2016  HBench - A new GUI-based platform on Windows for performance benchmarking by Ofer Strichman Tools 

    HBench provides a simple one-form GUI for managing performance-oriented research of algorithms. It runs your engine over a set of benchmarks with multiple parameter sets, collects statistics into a csv file, prepares scatter/cactus plots, lets the user control the active cores, and much more. It supports both remote execution on a linux cluster and running on a local windows machine. It makes the whole benchmarking process much easier.
  • Feb 28, 2015  Savile Row 1.6.2 Released with SAT backend by Daniel Le Berre Tools 

    The main change in 1.6.2 is the addition of the SAT backend. The first iteration of this feature was written by Patrick Spracklen as a summer student project. All constraints in the language have a SAT encoding. MiniSat and Lingeling are fully supported as backend solvers: 1.6.2 can run them, parse the solution and collect some statistics from the solver.

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