Twenty-Seventh International Conference on
                      --- SAT 2024 ---

               Pune, India, 19 - 20 August 2024


    Proposal Submissions Due: 23 February, 2024, 23:59 AoE

SAT 2024 Call for Workshop (Tutorial, Competition) Proposals

The SAT’24 Conference Organizing Committee invites proposals for workshops (tutorials and competitions) to be held in conjunction with the main conference in Pune, India. Workshops (and tutorials) offer an opportunity for in-depth discussions, hands-on experiences, and focused exploration of specific areas related to satisfiability testing, broadly construed.

Important Dates

  • Proposal submission: February 23, 2024
  • Notification of decisions: March 8, 2024
  • Workshops: August 19-20 (for two-day workshops), August 20 (for one-day workshops), 2024
  • Main conference: August 21-24, 2024

Proposal Submission Guidelines

Workshop (tutorial, competition) proposals are to be submitted by email to the SAT 2024 Workshop Chairs (with a copy to Program Chairs) and will be reviewed by the Workshop Chairs, Program Chairs and members of the Steering Committee. Proposals must consist of the following information:

  1. Title and Scope: Clear description of the workshop’s theme and its relevance to SAT’24.
  2. A brief description (up to 120 words) of the event for the website and publicity material.
  3. Organizers: Names, affiliations, contact information, and brief bios of the workshop organizers.
  4. Format: Description of workshop format, including planned activities, sessions, and duration.
  5. Target Audience: Intended participants and estimated audience size.
  6. Call for Papers: Plans for soliciting and reviewing workshop papers, if applicable.
  7. Special Requirements: Any specific technical or logistical requirements for the workshop.

Contact Information

For inquiries and submissions, please contact Workshop Chairs Alexey Ignatiev and Daniela Kaufmann