The workshop is an event of the RISE-MSCA project MOSAIC.

The RISE-MSCA project MOSAIC — “Modalities in Substructural Logic: Theory, Methods and Applications” aims at:

  1. Putting forward a comprehensive and unifying logico-mathematical study of substructural modal logics, that is, substructural logics with modalities.

  2. Exploring the application of substructural modal logics, in particular, in the areas of Artificial Intelligence; legal reasoning; data privacy and security; logical analysis of natural language.

MOSAIC 2023 invites submissions on a variety of topics on non-classical logics and their applications, with special emphasis on modal substructural logics. We therefore invite contributions on relevant aspects of non-classical logics, such as:

  • Proof Theory and complexity;
  • Algebraic Semantics;
  • Relational frames and structural properties;
  • Coalgebras, Correspondence theory;
  • Fixpoint logics;
  • Logics for reasoning about norms, time, preferences, uncertainty;
  • Automated Deduction;
  • Applications of non-classical logics.

Abstracts of contributed talks of 2-4 pages are to be prepared using the EasyChair class style and submitted via Easychair


  • Submission deadline: May 15
  • Notification: June 30
  • Conference: 27-29 September


  • Nick Bezhanishvili (University of Amsterdam)
  • Serafina Lapenta (University of Salerno)
  • Elaine Pimentel (University College of London)
  • Adam Prenosil (University of Barcelona)
  • Carles Sierra (Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Barcelona)


  • Marta Bílková (Czech Republic)
  • Agata Ciabattoni (Austria) (Chair)
  • Pilar Dellunde (Spain)
  • Tommaso Flaminio (Spain) (co-Chair)
  • Sabine Frittella (France)
  • Brunella Gerla (Italy)
  • Lluis Godo (Spain)
  • Rafal Gruszczynski (Poland)
  • Hykel Hosni (Italy)
  • Rosalie Iemhoff (The Netherlands)
  • George Metcalfe (Switzerland)
  • Tommaso Moraschini (Spain)
  • Sara Negri (Italy)
  • Carles Noguera (Italy)
  • Alessandra Palmigiano (The Netherlands)
  • David Pym (UK)
  • Giovanni Sartor (Italy)
  • Luca Spada (Italy)


  • Agata Ciabattoni
  • Robert Freiman
  • Dmitry Rozplokhas
  • Dominik Pichler
  • Josephine Dik