QBF Gallery 2023

Competition affiliated with

SAT 2023 conference and QBF 2023 workshop

The QBF Gallery 2023 is a non-competitive event to evaluate the state-of-the-art in QBF solving and related technologies.

The QBF Gallery 2023 invites submissions of QBF solvers (PCNF as well as non-PCNF and DQBF solvers), related tools like preprocessors as well as novel benchmark instances to challenge current solvers (in particular, the publicly available solvers of the last QBFEval events).

Based on the submissions, it will be decided which tracks will be organized. In contrast to competitive events, the benchmark and tool contributors can get involved in the organization in case they are interested. There will also be a joint discussion group.

The goal of the QBFGallery is to evaluate the state of the art as a joint community effort, to identify interesting problems, and to evaluate (and maybe reconsider) current evaluation schemes.


For details on the competition and instructions on how to submit, visit the QBF Gallery Webpage at


intention to submit or contribute in the organization
final submission of tools and benchmarks
May, June 2023
evaluation runs
presentation of results at the QBF 2023 Workshop


For any questions, please contact