There is an opening for two PhD positions on innovative applications of SAT techniques (that includes, SAT, MaxSAT, (D)QBF, and related techniques), with theoretical and experimental objectives.

The two open positions are within the new MSCA PhD program LogiCS@TUWien, are for 4 years each, and come with an attractive full-time salary and traveling allowance.

Successful applicants will work under the supervision of Prof. Stefan Szeider on one of the research topics:

  • Computer Search in Discrete Mathematics
  • Formal Methods in Computational Social Choice
  • SAT-Based Methods for Explainable AI
  • Speeding up Algorithms with Machine Learning

See (projects 10-13) for details on these topics.

Interested applicants can find instructions on how to apply at

The application deadline is December 30, 2021.

Informal inquiries are welcome and should be directed to Stefan Szeider

Stefan Szeider, professor
Technische Universität Wien
Vienna, Austria