The CS Department of Aalto University calls for applications for tenure-track Assistant Professorship in all areas of Computer Science. The CS Department is very well funded, availability of research funding in Finland in general is very good, and the positions come with a generous start-up package that funds a new research group for a number of years. Quality of life in Helsinki is internationally very competitive on multiple scales, and Finland is globally known as one of the progressive and technologically advanced Nordic societies.

Please seriously consider applying! We consider qualified applicants for Assistant Professorships from 0 to 6 years from the granting of the Ph.D., so no necessarily need to do one or more post-docs before applying (you could even apply right after submitting your thesis.).

Excellent candidates are equally considered irrespective of their research area, and we would be very keen to hire people in A.I., Formal Methods, Automated Reasoning, and related areas (covered by “Software Engineering” in the official position announcement.)

In the last years, the Aalto CS department has made offers to about 6 successful assistant professor candidates every year.

Although the now announced positions are at the Assistant Professor level, we are continuously looking for excellent candidates also at the Associate and Full Professor levels, to be hired through an invitation process.

Also, the Academy of Finland is advertising every year 5-year Academy Research Fellow positions, with announcements typically published every year in September. These are useful as an alternative to assistant professorships (as there is no teaching nor administration load), and for strengthening your future applications for assistant professorships (or associate professorships, in some cases). There are also 3-year Postdoctoral Researcher positions available for those who just recently obtained their PhDs.

For informal inquiries you can contact