The call for applications for research fellowships (postdoc positions) at the Simons Institute at UC Berkeley for 2020-21 has now been posted with an application deadline of December 15.

We wish to highlight the semester program “Satisfiability: Theory, Practice, and Beyond”, which will run in the spring of 2021 in parallel with “Theoretical Foundations of Computer Systems”.

Simons-Berkeley Research Fellowships are intended for up-and-coming researchers who are getting close to defending their PhD degree or are at most 6 years past it at the start of the academic year 2020-21. This includes researchers who already hold junior faculty or postdoctoral positions. In particular, applicants who expect to have postdoc positions at other institutions are encouraged to apply to spend one semester as a Simons-Berkeley Fellow, subject to the approval of the home institution. The Institute expects to award about 30 Fellowships in 2020-21; the majority of these are for one semester, but several appointments for a full academic year are expected to be made. In each semester of residence, each Fellow will normally participate in at least one of the ongoing programs at the Institute – please indicate if you are applying for the SAT semester program. Salaries and benefits are competitive, and assistance with visas and housing will be provided. The Institute particularly encourages applications from women and minority candidates.

If interdisciplinary research at the crossroads between theory and practice of SAT and other hard problems in logic and/or combinatorics seems interesting to you (also including going beyond NP to areas such as SMT solving, constraint programming, and mixed integer linear programming), then you are strongly encouraged to apply!

All help with distributing this announcement further would be much appreciated.

Best regards, Jakob Nordström

On behalf of the organizing committee for the SAT semester program, Albert Atserias, Sam Buss, Vijay Ganesh, Antonina Kolokolova, and Jakob Nordström