We decided to create a game based on the SAT problem, which is available for Android and IOS in French and English.

We called this game SAT-Your-Day.

The problem is slightly different from the classic SAT problem because it is not a decision problem here.

The problem is to falsify as many literals as possible while ensuring that at least one literal per clause is true.

The rules of the game

  • No box containing fruits should be empty.
  • You must keep exactly one type of fruit per color.
  • It is possible to have a box with several fruits in it.

To link all of this to the SAT problem:

  • Each box is a clause.
  • Each color is a variable.
  • Each fruit of a certain color is an assignment of a variable.

For each level of difficulty, the number of boxes, colors and fruits will increase which will necessarily complicate the game.

Try to remove as much fruit as possible in our most difficult levels!

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Questions regarding the game or any potential feedback should be sent to contact@combi.games

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