Multiple post-doctoral research positions available in the project on “Provably Verified and Explainable Probabilistic Reasoning,” led by the Principle Investigator, Kuldeep S. Meel. The positions are supported in part by the multi-million dollar NRF Fellowship for AI awarded to PI and additional funding from Defense Service Organization, Singapore.

The project broadly aims to develop of formal methods for AI techniques and employ advances in AI techniques for the development of formal methods. The project is sub-divided into the following four major themes whose detailed description is available at MeelGroup Research.

  • Theme 1: Revisiting NP Revolution: New Paradigms for SAT/SMT/MaxSAT Solvers
  • Theme 2: Constrained Sampling and Integration/Counting
  • Theme 3: Verification of AI Systems
  • Theme 4: Interpretable and Explainable Explanations for AI Systems

Job Requirements

  1. A Ph.D. in CS or related disciplines such as ECE, Mathematics, and OR.
  2. Prior publications with deep algorithmic or system contribution in top-tier conferences
  3. We work at the intersection of algorithmic design and systems; therefore, an ideal candidate should have deeper expertise in one area and willingness to learn the other. A strong background in statistics, algorithms/formal methods and prior experience in coding are crucial to make a significant contribution to our research.


Interested candidates should email with a PDF of CV, which must contain information of at least two references. Furthermore, a short write up indicating your interest in a particular theme is required.

The initial term of appointment will be one year extensible for another year, upon review of satisfactory performance.

The selected candidates will be offered competitive salaries and benefits including generous funding for travel to top-tier conferences.

Living and working in NUS/Singapore

NUS is a world-class university that provides an outstanding and supportive research environment. Its School of Computing is highly ranked (within the top 15) among the computer science departments in the world. Singapore is a vibrant, well-connected city with low taxes and research hub in Asia.