The MaxSAT Evaluation 2019 is coming up soon! We have extended the deadline for submitting benchmarks and solvers for the MaxSAT Evaluation 2019 to Friday, June 7, 2019.

The final version of your solver must be uploaded to the following subspaces (depending on the category you want to participate):

  • MSE2019->Evaluation->Complete->Unweighted
  • MSE2019->Evaluation->Complete->Weighted
  • MSE2019->Evaluation->Incomplete->Unweighted
  • MSE2019->Evaluation->Incomplete->Weighted

More details on the final submission are available at:

So far we did not receive many new benchmarks. If you are using MaxSAT to solve problems, we encourage you to submit your formulas to this year MaxSAT Evaluation. New benchmarks are critical for the continuous improvement of MaxSAT solvers and to perform a better assessment of their performance.